February 2012

Nothing compares to your first love

Our first love is like nothing we will ever experience again in our lifetimes. Many people say- you’re not in love.. especially when your only young, but I disagree. Ask anyone who their first love was and they’ll be able to remember it in exact detail. This is because nothing at all compares to our first love. The first time someone makes our heart beat a little faster and we finally experience that feeling we’ve heard about our whole lives, that person takes up a very special place in our hearts. No matter what happens in our lives, that person will always have that piece of our hearts, although we’d probably look at them in a while new light should we see them today, we remember them as they were.

The benefits of being in love

Love is beautiful, crazy, fulfilling, heartbreaking and so many other emotions all at the same time. People fall in love, fall out of love.. they search for love and hope for love. When they finally find it, they hold onto it with all they have. Love gives us one of the best feelings we could ever ask for. It makes us whole and it allows us to be connected. Did you know that studies show love actually has many REAL health benefits?


The more social media sites proliferate, the more confused I get about what you're supposed to do with them. I started on livejournal when that's where everyone was, and people wrote long treatises there. And other people responded, at length. Then came facebook, and then twitter and now pininterest and buzzfeed. I have no idea what I personally would do with buzzfeed, but I'm liking what one buzzfeed staffer, Matt Stopera has put together: a list of the 25 Gayest Animals.

The truth is that most of the animals he lists would probably more likely qualify as bi-sexual, although since we don't really know how the animals identify and we can really ask them, we have to go on their behavior. Some of the animals I think most queerfolk would be excited about. Others, we might prefer not to claim.

This thing called love

Do you ever just get fed up with hearing about love? I know you hopeless romantics probably can’t get enough of it- and more power to you, but I would like just a little break from the topic. If you’re like me- if you’ve been in these shoes, you know that the time when you were a romantic was utterly blissful. Yet, eventually that loved turned to hurt and then maybe even hate? You become bitter and decided it was no longer for you. Well the one thing that bothers me about society is the view they have on love.

Why Queers Don't Like Comics

And Other Problems of Shared Space

This week I was performing at a spoken word event in New York City that was produced by a well known person who has a formula for doing these kind of events. He produces just under ten a month and has kept up this schedule for nearly a year, so I would say in general he has a good plan, executes it well and knows how to get folks out. He also charges ten dollars a head for admission, and people pay it.