November 2011

Rizzoli and Isles

Text and Subtext

There are so few bisexual characters in mainstream media (not including of course, adult entertainment, where it seems like all female characters are bisexual) that we're sometimes left to subtext to see ourselves. There was Jane Hathaway on the Beverly Hillbillies, although one could argue that she was more of a lesbian that a bi-gal. As I recall, she did seem to feign attraction for men on occasion. Then there was Peppermint Patty in the Peanuts cartoons, who was obviously having some kind of partnership with Charlie Brown while in a D/s relationship with Marcie.

Roaming to Rainbow Mountain

A place where a queer can be a queer

Since I've been performing as a roaming homo-comic (that's a homosexual comic, in case it isn't obvious; it wasn't obvious to my spellcheck)  I've been sampling some of the lovelier homo-resorts, especially in the northeastern United States. One of my favorite places to visit is Rainbow Mountain in Pennsylvania's Poconos. It's always a tad bit surprising when any small business is open for more than a decade in this economic climate, but Rainbow has been operating as a gay resort for more than a decade. Here's some reasons I think Rainbow Mountain has continued to be a rock star in the queer travel world.

French Mayor Marries Two Men

"The mayor’s defiance was quickly dismissed by President Nicolas Sarkozy’s Minister for Families"

In a small French town, the mayor of Cabestany officiated at the marriage of two men on Saturday, November 5th, in defiance of national law, which only allows civil unions.  

The marriage could not be held in the town hall in southern Cabestany, due to it being ‘illegal’ in the world of France. France had one other gay marriage officiated and celebrated in 2004, but it was later annulled by a court.

A Pageant in a Tux?

Meet Janelle Hutcherson


Traditional pageants always seem the same, beautiful girls all promising to bring world peace once they win the crown, however, this year, Jenelle Hutcherson, 25, is going to mix things up a bit. Hutcherson is switching out the long-heralded ball gown for a tuxedo and the perfect up-do for a Mohawk. Hutcherson is a Long Beach hair artist and also the first lesbian to rock the runway in the pageant’s 61-year history.

Swedish Actress Fights Compulsory Transgender Sterilization

When you think about it, the government is almost creepily obsessed with what's in our pants. They're like an anonymous stalker who won't rest until they know the state of our reproductive systems--especially if you happen to be a sexual or gender identity minority. If you have a uterus, the government's worried about whether there's anything inside of it and what exactly you plan to do with it if there is. And if your gender doesn't line up with what society believes your genitalia should dictate, the government is doubly concerned with the state of your nethers.

In many countries and states, transgendered individuals need to provide proof of surgery in order to get their legal gender marker changed. This sex-reassignment-surgery, or SRS, almost always refers to bottom surgery--the reconstruction of the genitals to make them match the typical phenotype of the sex associated with the individual's gender. In order to be cleared for surgery, you usually have to get a therapist to diagnose you with gender identity disorder. It's a long and costly process just to get that initial on your driver's license to match the way you appear. One Swedish activist is fighting against a particularly disturbing facet of the required process--the fact that the legally necessary surgery for sex reassignment often leaves transgendered individuals incapable of having children.