September 2011

Anti-Bi Discrimination From The Gay Community

Over at Net Insanity, another blog in the Klat network, I run a recurring feature called The Craigslist Files. In that column, I compile and comment on the strangest, most ridiculous posts I can find on the world's craigslist sites. Recently, I came across the following post and felt like I had to comment on it, but Net Insanity wasn't really the place for this particular piece.



Looking for a bi guy who's dating a woman - m4mw - 31
You know what they say: it's not gay if your balls don't touch. j/k. 
I'm looking for a bi guy who is in a relationship with a woman to hang out with and possibly fool around with. A bi guy. Actually. Really. Bi. A bi guy, as in a guy who who actually has has sex with men and women. And you're dating or married to a woman. And she knows that you're bi. 
Looking to hang out, get to know each other, and possibly fool around with if there's a click. 
About me: I'm 31, a professional, work downtown, put in too much at my corporate job, work out when I can, try to get in a happy hour once in a while during the week and live for my weekends. Oh, and I'm gay. Way gay. Very much in to men. Even when they're into women. And men. 
Why am I looking for a bi guy? I want more guy friends. Not girl-guy friends. Oh, want to understand other men better, and their relationships with women. Ok, and maybe I'm a little bi myself. I'm not sure. But I'm still in to guys. 

The Big 3 Questions of Bisexuality

People like binary classification. Black or white. Chocolate or vanilla. Right or wrong. Gay or straight. They're called cognitive shortcuts, ways for people to make decisions and value judgments without expending the energy necessary to consider the nuances of a given issue. It's why the two-party political system has always been so pervasive in America. Why consider each political candidate and issue individually when it's so much easier to attribute everything to one, broad party or the other? This, unfortunately, is also how a lot of people approach the topic of sexual identity. Not only is the false binary of heterosexual vs. homosexual the default system of classification for an individual's identity, there are many aspects of human sexuality and relationships that are viewed as an either/or, rather than a complex and subjective matter. To help combat this perceptual problem, here are quick, concise answers to three of the most common misconceptions about bisexuality and how it relates to the false binaries of human relationships.

Lifetime Blood Donation Ban Lifted in UK

Gay and bisexual men can now donate blood in England, Scotland, and Wales


Though we've not yet recovered from the sting of HIV and its accompanying stigmatization, parts of the world are at least making strides towards reducing its exclusive association with gay men. England, Scotland, and Wales have now made changes to blood donation policy by permitting homosexual and bisexual men to give blood. 

The new policy isn't without stipulations; the rules now dictate that men cannot give blood within a year of having sex with another man. While the lifetime ban has been lifted, sexually active gay and bisexual men are still prohibited from donating blood. Lifetime bans were introduced during the '80s in the US and UK in response to the AIDS epidemic of the time. Now, it seems they have outlived their usefulness, keeping perfectly healthy people from contributing to a much-needed supply of donor blood. 

Review of "Tipping the Velvet" Part I

When I was in high school, I was totally titillated by the 2002 mini-series on BBC called Tipping the Velvet. Based on Sarah Waters’ novel of the same name, the mini-series had cross-dressing lesbians, huge sex toys, Victorian prostitution and lots and lots of roses. But it was swathed in typical British propriety and, amazingly, didn’t often fall into the vulgarity it certainly would have had it been in American hands. But, removed from its titillation and removed from its considerable shock factor (I’d read the book twice), there really isn’t much to save this mini-series from serious over-acting and melodramatic camera work.

Rick Santorum Calls Gay Rights Struggle a "Jihad"

It does not mean what he thinks it means


I don't think it would be a bad idea to host a seminar for all politicians entitled "Words and How to Use Them". That way we'd avoid silly slip-ups like Sarah Palin's "blood libel" or Michele Bachmann's liberal interpretation of the term "slavery". Loaded words like these are not toys to be flung around to get attention from the masses. They mean very specific, heavy things and should be used only to refer to those things. Government spending is not slavery and media rumors are not the same thing as a blood libel. Oh, and fighting for gay rights does not count as jihad.