January 2011

Pecan Pie: MLKJr's Favorite Dessert

Yesterday on Martin Luther King Jr. Day I learned (from several different sources) that King's favorite dessert was pecan pie. As well it should be!

I know that there are plenty of pecan pie haters out there. They claim that pecan pie is "gummy" and "too sweet" and that it's weird to make pie out of nuts. I think Martin Luther King Jr. himself would want us to understand and respect these opinions, even if we don't necessarily agree with them.

Pecan pie began as a traditional Southern dessert. The South is the home of all things pecan (and praline, and this northerner must confess that she's a little vague on the difference). Pecans are also famous in Texas, which isn't really the South, unless you want to count the accent.

2011 is Going to Suck: TV


The disparity in quality between top-tier cable stations and broadcast network television has become pretty stark in the past few years. It's to the point that I wish cable providers would offer super-cheap packages that only include AMC, FX, HBO and Cartoon Network. Maybe Showtime once or twice a week. The level of outright stupidity on the big four networks is disturbing. They mix vapidity with values that are not just conservative but wildly outdated. Even without concentrating on the unkillable beast that is reality television, the situation is dire. This year TV will sink even deeper into its own awfulness with these and many other new shows.