November 2010

Girl-Girl Kissing

Can we please say enough already to the whole girl-on-girl obsession? We've been fawning over straight chicks kissing since Neve Campbell and Denise Richards got it on in Wild Things, in 1998. We've gone on to see the gals go three-way with Christina and Britney and Madonna, on MTV in 2003, and we've spent the last two weeks obsessing about former good girl Miley Cyrus's lip lock with a female backup dancer. We've got Lindsay and Katy Perry and Kristen and Dakota, kissing, groping, singing about it all. Hot? Sure, if you get off on the awkward faux-lesbian script. But isn't the whole thing just a tad played out?

Jessica Bennett for Newsweek

Lesbian Parents: Zero Sexual Abuse

24 year study of lesbian moms found zero instances of physical or sexual abuse of children

I've written before about the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study (NLLFS) data that suggests that lesbian moms are fabulous parents. The previous data from the NLLFS, a study that is now in its 24th year is the longest-running study ever conducted on American lesbian families. The NLLFS has been following lesbian mothers and their children, who were conceived by donor insemination during 1980s. The Williams Institute, a research unit that studies sexual orientation law and public policy at the UCLA School of Law previously announced that

Clint McChance: The Countdown Has Started

So you've read about the It Gets Better Project. And you might have read about the vicious Facebook posting by former Arkansas school board member Clint McCance who, in response to the "Wear Purple Day" that designed to show solidarity with gay youth, suggested that "queers" and "fags" should commit suicide, and how Anderson Cooper encouraged him to publicly resign and apologize.

2010 Giants vs. 2011-12 Mariners - Stars

Q.  Cool article by Spectator, positing that six big draft picks won the Giants a World Series.  Does the mainframe agree with this?

A.  Agree 100% that these Giants are a super useful template for Jack Zduriencik's own roster.

A.  Agree 95% with the observation that 5-6 golden boys, and a pedestrian 20 players, can win the World Series.  I might even quibble that maybe Jonathan Sanchez, and certainly Brian Wilson, were not key ingredients -- reducing the number of golden boys needed to about 4, maybe 4.5.