October 2010

Late-Blooming Lesbians

Last July a number of Web sites and periodicals published articles about research regarding female sexuality that was going to be presented at the August 2010 meeting of the American Psychological Association in a session called "Sexual Fluidity and Late-Blooming Lesbian." Two projects in particular were featured at the meeting. Lisa Diamond, a professor at Utah University, followed a group of 79 women for fifteen years. All of the women at the beginning of the study had reported some level of same-sex attraction. Over the course of the study, every two years, 20 to 30 percent of the women changed the way they described themselves and their orientation, choosing bisexual, straight, or lesbian as their current orientation. Seventy percent of the women have changed the way they identify since the start of the study.

I want to just cry (16yo... True)

Im 16 year old bi guy in High School and I found out that my friend is bi... I started to talk to him more because I find him attractive and a good person. After messaging back and forth at school I ask if he wanted to come over. I thought he would say yes and ditch me.. But surprisingly he said ya! 
Once we get to my house we start talking about our past encounters with guys and he brought up his first (A guy that graduated) He started to get emotional while messaging him because out of the blue the guy tells him I don't want to talk to you anymore. [I understand its his first, but everytime he goes away I feel like crying!] 
It came down to giving him head and making out (After talking a lot) 
After dropping him off he texted me saying that its not gonna work out and I just started to brake down.