Dear Readers,

I am a 20 years old guy living in the UK at the moment for my studies attempting to talk about my gay self, my (semi-virgin) sexual life and thoughts in general as I have never really had a person to talk with in real life. Not because I can't find someone but only because I grew up in a country with a culture that does not support gay people.

I always found it really difficult to talk about me to other people and especially when thinking that I should be really careful as to what I am about to say since I never knew how the listener would react. That is one of the main reasons that i decided to start this blog. No fear of who might read this since this is all anonymous. (Btw i am really sorry for the bad use of the lanaguage, english is not my first language).

So my story begins at the age of let's say 11 (I really don't remember exactly when it started but I remember that at that age I wasn't mature enough to cum :). I used to try some sexual stuff with my brother even if I didn't really like those stuff since I knew something was wrong with it. At first we just looked at each other's dicks and after that we started wanking together and sucking each other off. I still remember that at that time I never liked those stuff and I could not even cum. It took me a lot of effort to putting an end to this but the harm was already done to me.

It was then, at the age of maybe 13-14 that I realized that I was not "normal". Not like the other kids. I was always attracted to guys. I spent my whole teenage life in a lie, trying to act as them, like a "normal" guy. Always pretending to be someone I am not. And the fact that I was raised in a quite religious family didn't help at all. Since then I feel guilty of who I am or maybe of who I become even though I am starting to hopefully getting over it.

I never had real sex (excluding the stuff that I did with my brother) until the age of 17. I used to spend hours and hours on the internet watching porn and chatting with other gay guys fantasizing having sex with them and stuff. And you know when someone is wasting so many hours on the internet for porn he wants to get to see more and more stuff. That is how I think I got into kinky stuff.

After the age of 17, when I first met a gay guy and had sex with him (i was always top since then) which surprisingly it was kinky sex, I am having a lot of sex with a variety of guys until recent as sluttish at that may sound.

And that's a really bad draft of my life so far. Which I will be talking about more in other posts when I have the time together with my current adventures.

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