Valentine's Day is approaching
"Some of my favorite homemade gifts are pastries, of course."
Feb 2, 2012
Newt Gingrich Fears Rise of Gay Paganism
It's true, most of us are warlocks
Jan 28, 2012
Love; the good, the bad and the ugly.
Jan 28, 2012
Cynthia Nixon's Bisexuality
Is claiming that identity more controversial than saying gayness is a choice?
Jan 26, 2012
Santorum States that Having Same-sex Parents is Worse Than a Convict
Jan 8, 2012
(Lack of) Training Day
Jan 6, 2012
When Cooking Goes Wrong
"The biggest problem with my cooking is that I don't believe in stopping to ask directions"
Dec 31, 2011
Keeping It Simple, Sister
Dec 30, 2011
Same Sex Marriages are Facing Higher Taxes
Same-sex Still Can't File Jointly
Dec 30, 2011
Rap Now Endorsing the Gay Movement
After Years of Being Against it
Dec 24, 2011
Beginners explores youthful exuberance
Christopher Plummer shines.
Dec 20, 2011
ABC's "Work It" exploits transgender stereotypes
Should you care how you get your funny?
Dec 20, 2011
Legalization of Same-sex Marriage can Improve Health
Doctors in Legalized States have Seen a Decrease in Visits
Dec 17, 2011
Queering the Road Trip
"To avoid entrapment, bring your own partner and be super extra doubledog discrete."
Dec 16, 2011