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Does your cat like to hang upside down?

Okay, this is a weird anomaly, at least I think so. I have a very eccentric, lovable and cuddly kitten that loves to curl up, snuggle, is very fond of laps and is indeed, a fantastically tempered cat. But he does one thing that I find to be very uncharacteristic of cats: he likes to hang upside down from my arms. Not once in a while, but all of the time. He will jump up into my arms for a cuddle, and then wiggle his butt and his body so he overhangs my arm. He even sleeps on his back most of time, looking up at the ceiling. Is this abnormal behavior for a cat? To sleep upside down, enjoy hanging upside down, and so on? The Upside-Down Loving Kitten It has gotten to be so frequent, in fact, that now he will jump up into my arms and immediately try to hang upside down. I will droop him over my arms and then support his head with my other hand and arm. He will do this several times per day, and likes for me to walk around with him like this, so he can view the entire world upside down. Is my cat a Regenerated Possum? Here is the conclusion that I have been so far able to digest: I think he was a possum or something similar in a former life; if cats have former lives, I know that they already have nine of them. But the upside down loving cat is a mystery to me. I have had plenty of cats during my life, but have had none that so loved this possum aperture to the extent that my kitten does.