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Justice Dept. Will Take Arizona to Court Over Immigration Law

In the time immediately following Arizona’s heartless, racist, and incredibly mis-guided new Immigration Law which requires immigrants to carry legal work documents on them at all times, I am incredibly happy to have a Democrat in the White House. The Justice Department is now  using the force of the written law to challenge Arizona’s Immigration law. I can guarantee you that the Bush Administration would have never taken action to stop Arizona from granting their states’ officials to be racist.

According to Businessweek:

The lawsuit, filed today in federal court in Phoenix, claims the law encroaches on the federal government’s responsibilities. The Justice Department is seeking an injunction to block Arizona from enforcing the law.

Arizona’s law is set to go into effect on July 29, but there is a chance that the Justice Department’s actions could delay the law from taking effect until later (or hopefully not at all). In his speech to the nation on the subject of the Immigration Law, Obama touched at the heart of the matter:

"As other states and localities go their own ways, we face the prospect that different rules for immigration will apply in different parts of the country," Obama said. "A patchwork of local immigration rules where we all know one clear national standard is needed."

Whether you believe that the law is justifiable or not, it is ridiculous to have different Immigration Laws for each state. The last I heard, the United States was still one country and should therefore have the same residence laws for immigration.

As for the morality of Arizona’s Immigration Law, it’s fairly evident to most people that the law is just another excuse for blatant racism. I understand that states may face problems with illegal immigrants, but the reality is that racism and discrimination are not the ways to combat the problem and in fact, will only make it worse. 

Other complaints against the law come from the ACLU who claim that that Arizona’s Immigration Law prevents the free-speech rights of immigrants and that Arizona is over-stepping into the territory of the federal government.  

Obama has also said that dealing with Immigration with be one of his administration’s top priorities while he is in office.