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ROKU: FREE "Private" Channel Listings

Just add the codes and enjoy!

Looking to add a few FREE private channels to your ROKU Player that you can watch absolutely FREE? Just follow the directions below:

1.) Visit ROKU Homepage online

2.) Click on “MY ACCOUNT” (or Sign In) at the top right of the webpage

3.) Sign in with your UID and PID

4.) Under “My Settings”, click on “Add Private Channel”

5.) Enter the linking code(s) provided below:

American Movie Classics: 71B0Y
AnomaliesTV: XM7EG
Archive Classic Movies:  WSW1P  NMJS5
Chaneru 0.4:  EXPEL
EroticVision.TV (Adult):  IBRYL
EroticVision / Gay (Adult):  HOMO
Google Voice:  NXFBW
Hubblecast HD:  9OFQX
Last.FM:  X0MCZ
LDS Video Podcasts:  TMLJW
NASA TV (Private):  HIBMX
Picasa Web:  NEJXJ
Pink TV (Adult):  CJ3Y4
Pod TV:  H9DWC
Pub-D-Hub:  ZFJB5
Re/Max:  G8VAR
Roksbox:  P1KWQ
SCMDL (secretly branded) Channel:  CAFEH
Simple Weather:  IFUIN Channel:  HWTIC
Traffic Cam demo: 9MQBZ
USB Media Browser:  KGULU
Ustream: IN4DN
Woot:  BPPIM
YouTube:  B8VVK 

6.) Sit back and enjoy some FREE programming!