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The Benefits of Socialism

As a strong anti-capitalist and supporter of socialist models I am often asked why socialism? Given the current political climate, and hostilities towards the “s” word, there are a lot of misconceptions about Socialism and its many benefits. So, let us examine the benefits of socialism and how society might benefit from a social model.

First it is important to point out that socialism is an economic system, not a political one. So all of the political propaganda is just that, propaganda. There is nothing about Socialism that is unconstitutional, illegal, or in anyways hinders a democracy, in fact, socialism would tend to have more people involved in the democratic process.

  • Capitalism is a system based solely on exploitation whether it be the exploitation of the natural environment or of one another and as such it is ultimately unsustainable and creates an oppressed society under the cultural (or political) tyranny of the elite few and thus has created many of the ills of our society; socialism to the contrary works to eliminate this exploitation.
  • Socialism takes the ownership, responsibility, and benefits of resources and the means of productions out of the hands of the elite few and puts them under the collective hands of the people. Contrary to popular belief, this actually increases the quality of goods produced, etc. After all, are you going to work harder to produce a better product or service to make someone else rich or for your own company of which you have a vested interest? With socialism the workers themselves own the companies, resources, and means of productions so they have a very real connection and vested interest in the well being of said companies, etc.
  • Socialism creates community values. Socialism reinforces the idea that "we are all in this together" instead of each man fending for himself at any cost. This tends to have positive social benefits while equally distributing the work load.
  • Socialism creates an egalitarian society.
  • Socialism allows workers to reap the full benefits of their own efforts and ends the institutionalized robbery of the very workers who are producing the wealth in the first place.
  • Socialism, when done right, raises the standard of living for the entire nation as a whole.
  • Socialism would free workers from wage slavery.
  • Socialism would raise the level of education and health services and make them available for all citizens thereby raising the over all quality of life for the entire nation.
  • Under socialism need would drive production not profit which means those services and goods which were most needed but which yield little profit in the past would now be available including life saving medicines, new technologies, and better food sources.
  • Socialism would end the monopolies and tyrannies of mega-corporations.
  • Socialism would end poverty.
  • Socialism would result in healthier citizens by increasing the access to healthy food, better nutrition, and healthy lifestyle not available or encouraged under a capitalist regime.
  • Socialism creates a sustainable society that can build and flourish both for the current generation as well as those to come, unlike capitalism which is designed to ultimately fail.

True socialism, when done correctly, helps to end political unrest because it gives everyone a chance to participate in the system letting their voices be heard and their needs met in the most efficient and complete way possible. There are of course, many other benefits both minor and major, but at its very core true socialism is about the spirit of community, something that is sorely lacking in America today and the world at large.