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Let LGBT People Adopt!

When I was in college, I led a forum on gay peoples’ rights to adopt. I was shocked to find out just how many of my peers disagreed with me! People my age—just out of high school—were simply outraged that I would even think of allowing a gay person—let alone a gay couple—to adopt. What if it “rubbed off” on the children? What if they abused the kid? I remember feeling the most outraged I’d ever felt since beginning school (which isn’t saying much, as it was early in the year). I don’t think much has changed since.

I am so sick of gay parents, or gay people who wish to become parents, being denied this very special human right. I have seen irresponsible people become parents whilst being on drugs, who neglect their kids every day; these same people who need a license to fish or drive a car can pop out as many children as they please. 1.3 million youths are homeless right now, not because they want to be, but because most of them have been abused or neglected by their parents. 3 million reports of child abuse are made each year—but experts estimate that actual accounts of abuse are three times that many! Do we really think these kids are better off without parents—or, previously, with abusive parents—than with a loving parent who happens to be gay?

With so many kids without parents, as orphans or neglected children, what right does the government have to deny them perfectly loving, happy, healthy homes with a gay parent—when obviously so many heterosexual parents have failed? Any loving home that can care for a child should be able to do so, instead of having these kids on the streets, in foster centers, and/or being severely neglected. 

The other day, this creepy guy was following my husband and our daughter at the grocery store, and he kept trying to get close to her when my husband would lean over to grab something to put in the cart. Finally, he screamed at the guy and the store manager came, saw what was going on, and told the man to leave. Even scarier? The guy had a little boy with him, too.  Why is it perfectly fine to give abusive, neglectful, and/or really hateful people the right to adopt—or even to simply keep their own children—when it's not to give the same rights to a gay parent who proves to be much more qualified?