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I want to just cry (16yo... True)

Im 16 year old bi guy in High School and I found out that my friend is bi... I started to talk to him more because I find him attractive and a good person. After messaging back and forth at school I ask if he wanted to come over. I thought he would say yes and ditch me.. But surprisingly he said ya! 
Once we get to my house we start talking about our past encounters with guys and he brought up his first (A guy that graduated) He started to get emotional while messaging him because out of the blue the guy tells him I don't want to talk to you anymore. [I understand its his first, but everytime he goes away I feel like crying!] 
It came down to giving him head and making out (After talking a lot) 
After dropping him off he texted me saying that its not gonna work out and I just started to brake down.
After all our text conversation. He said his ex told him to give me a chance. IDK Why? But I guess that's good. Anyways I told him I care about him a lot like 30 times (TRUTH!!!) 
And he said he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. (Out of sadness?) He kept saying "Im sorry for everything; I shouldn't of went to your house; It's not gonna work out; etc." 
After telling him that it hurts he texts me say "I'm sorry for everything. Good night" [Im asleep already]
And then 10m later he texted me saying "I will tell you when I'm ready"
(Good, right?)
Help me out I want him to realize that I'm such a loving person and can't stand to see him hurt. =''(