Dear Readers,

I am a 20 years old guy living in the UK at the moment for my studies attempting to talk about my gay self, my (semi-virgin) sexual life and thoughts in general as I have never really had a person to talk with in real life. Not because I can't find someone but only because I grew up in a country with a culture that does not support gay people.

Great news for Boy Scouts

It looks like there is movement in the right direction.

Ever since my family found out about how the Boy Scouts discriminate against gay boys and men, we decided to cease supporting them in any fundraisers or other activities that they do. I hate to say no to a kid working hard to earn his badges, but I think it’s important.

The realms of love


Love is one of the strongest feelings we ever experience in our entire lives. It’s a feeling that captures us and makes us feel as if the world has suddenly become a brighter place. I’m sure you’ve seen someone who is freshly in love. There is more bounce in their step and a smile that they couldn’t wipe off their faces if they tried. But, while love is all well and good, there is another end of it that is one of the hardest things we will ever go through.

Butch's Crew

Adventures At The Tackle Shop

My family vacations at Torch Lake in Northern Michigan each summer. Well, actually these days it's not every summer, because of Michael Moore. He bought a multimillion dollar home on the lake, drove all the property taxes up and and now no working families can afford to visit there. At any rate, every few summers we go to Torch Lake and visit a place called Butch's Tackle and Marine. They sell all sorts of stuff there; tackle and marine stuff, predictably as well as things like elk jerky and very old magazines and sample sized of over the counter medication, chewing gum in a single flavor and single serving chilled (as they say in Michigan) pop.

They also sell a whole bunch of Butch's merchandise, much to my delight. And when I say Butch merchandise I mean merchandise made to allegedly advertise the marina and tackle shop commonly known as Butch's. But of course, for us of the queer persuasion it really means merchandise to take photos of and by for folks back home so we can all enjoy its collective irony, with much giggling of course and wondering “do they know?”

Nothing compares to your first love

Our first love is like nothing we will ever experience again in our lifetimes. Many people say- you’re not in love.. especially when your only young, but I disagree. Ask anyone who their first love was and they’ll be able to remember it in exact detail. This is because nothing at all compares to our first love. The first time someone makes our heart beat a little faster and we finally experience that feeling we’ve heard about our whole lives, that person takes up a very special place in our hearts. No matter what happens in our lives, that person will always have that piece of our hearts, although we’d probably look at them in a while new light should we see them today, we remember them as they were.

The benefits of being in love

Love is beautiful, crazy, fulfilling, heartbreaking and so many other emotions all at the same time. People fall in love, fall out of love.. they search for love and hope for love. When they finally find it, they hold onto it with all they have. Love gives us one of the best feelings we could ever ask for. It makes us whole and it allows us to be connected. Did you know that studies show love actually has many REAL health benefits?


The more social media sites proliferate, the more confused I get about what you're supposed to do with them. I started on livejournal when that's where everyone was, and people wrote long treatises there. And other people responded, at length. Then came facebook, and then twitter and now pininterest and buzzfeed. I have no idea what I personally would do with buzzfeed, but I'm liking what one buzzfeed staffer, Matt Stopera has put together: a list of the 25 Gayest Animals.

The truth is that most of the animals he lists would probably more likely qualify as bi-sexual, although since we don't really know how the animals identify and we can really ask them, we have to go on their behavior. Some of the animals I think most queerfolk would be excited about. Others, we might prefer not to claim.


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