Is Target finally on target?

Is Target finally on target?

Store sells shirts to help defeat gay marriage ban

Years ago, we boycotted Target because of their treatment of gay people—including big donations to anti-gay campaigns and organizations. (I was also not impressed with Target pharmacists denying women Plan B.) However, they’ve been making improvements over the years—so much that my husband actually applied to work there while he was laid off and now works there—and today I read something that actually made me think that Target, like JC Penney, might actually, finally, be on target.

The company is now selling T-shirts to help defeat an anti-gay marriage ban in Minnesota. The T-shirts, which are $12.99, are available in four different styles, including one that declares, “Love is Love,” which was designed by Gwen Stefani.The local Minnesota for Marriage (which sounds like a group that might support marriage for all people, you’d think!) spokesperson went on about how Target should only support “traditional marriage,” by which I think we all now know translates to having hundreds of wives. Or marrying someone you rape. Or having a threesome with your sister and her servant, or your husband and son—right?

Well, since there are already two men or two women involved in some of these marriages, he shouldn’t mind that some gay couples want to get hitched, too. It’s just minus one other player; it’s pretty simple to me. And to the rest of the country, apparently.

Here’s the deal: don’t like gay marriage? Don’t have one! The same goes with so many other things in life. Look, I don’t like your ugly toupees or your outdated, horribly mistranslated religious text or your breeding and brainwashing of close-minded children or your gross misinterpretation of your own religion, but I haven’t petitioned the government to outlaw any of these things (which, unfortunately, many government officials already subscribe to as well); so stop trying to outlaw the chance for other people to have the same rights and privileges you have.

And in the meantime, Target, please keep up the good work! I didn’t see any shirts being sold at our local target but I’d love to purchase one and help with the campaign to raise up to $120,000 for the Family Equality Council. I love that 100% of the sales of these shirts will go to the campaign, too.

Sales will only continue through the month of June, so those interested should order their shirts while they last. They are available by shopping online.