It Takes More Than Glitter

It Takes More Than Glitter

to make community

Lately I've become considered about the glitterification of our community.It's not that I don't like glitter. I like glitter a lot. True story: I once went to the doctor with a strange pattern of what felt like sunburn and looked like a rash. My doctor took one look at it and said “have you been in the sun with a lot of glitter on?” It was June, when gay stand up comics almost never perform inside because we're always emceeing prides. I thought for a minute “yes, indeed I have” He shrugged “you've got glitter enhanced sunburn”

I know it sounds like I'm making it up, but I go to an entertainment clinic. When I told my doctor how I torn a very important ligament imitating an erotic dancer on stage, he never even looked from writing in my chart.

So all that to say, I'm not afraid of a little glitter. And I think glitter is an important part of our community identity. But the truth is, I want us to want more than glitter. I want us to want some substance that backs up the glitter. I remember a friend who does drag once told me, “every time I get bashed, someone calls me a nasty anti-gay epithet. I feel like if I'm always taking my hits for the gay community, but it seems like the gay community is always about someone straight acting, normal looking. As a queeny man, I'm only allowed to be entertainment, only allowed to be glitter. “

Maybe there's more than glitter? Or maybe, just maybe, we could love the glitter in a substantial way.