The benefits of being in love

The benefits of being in love

Love is beautiful, crazy, fulfilling, heartbreaking and so many other emotions all at the same time. People fall in love, fall out of love.. they search for love and hope for love. When they finally find it, they hold onto it with all they have. Love gives us one of the best feelings we could ever ask for. It makes us whole and it allows us to be connected. Did you know that studies show love actually has many REAL health benefits?

Yes, researches have proven that those who engage in positive conflict resolution in a loving relationship actually have much stronger immune systems than those who don’t. However, this only takes place for those in a healthy equal relationship as unhealthy conflict resolution actually plays a role in breaking down the immune system.

Researches have done several studies aimed at proving that those who are in love actually live longer. The reason for this is the chemicals that are released from a healthy loving relationship help to reduce stress and make us happier overall. Those who are in a relationship are also less likely to partake in risky behavior, thus their life length.

Also, the chemicals that are released when were in love contain the chemical called cortisol. This is a natural acne clearing agent, so those who are in a healthy, beneficial relationship may be able to retain from acne and clean up any that is pre-existing.

Researches have said that being in love can even reduce pain. This is done by simply holding the hand of the person you love. Who would have thought that something that can be so wonderful would have so many extra benefits?