PETA's Anti-lesbian, Anti-woman Ugliness

Just, you know, for your general edification—I thought I'd spread the joy. I happened across this article on, today, while I was chasing down links about the crappy male-gaze rape-fantasy-fulfillment dressed up as a token lesbian added to the cast of one of rapidly-digging-their-own-grave-by-pissing-off-any-fans-they-ever-had SyFy network's shows.

That's right. PETA, the people who've made a publicity nightmare out everything they've ever touched, have executed one of the most repulsive, exploitive, anti-woman, and anti-queer publicity campaigns ever conceived.

The whole thing about the recent SyFy/Stargate lesbian-who-gets has-to-fuck-a-man-because-a-straight-chick-is-inhabiting-her-body debacle, added to other generally hate-filled lack-wittedness (screencap) and the intelligent and level-headed responses thereto, is making me a little too tired to function, honestly.

Behold, an actual PETA press-release from a few months ago, with emphasis added for the eye-rolling amusement factor. Editorial comments in red, just because I could no longer contain my own disgusted amusement:

Vegetarians Make Better Lovers, Say Lingerie-Clad Ladies                                               

So...let me just parse're going to put two scantily-clad "PETA beauties" on a bed, on a public street, to make out with each other because........because it's got something to do with animal welfare?  Then, in the press release, you're going to coyly call these two women "Ladies."
For Immediate Release:
February 10, 2009

Ashley Byrne 757-622-7382

Amarillo, Texas -- In a public display of passion that's bound to raise a few eyebrows and turn lots of heads, two PETA beauties--decked out in sexy lingerie--will kiss and pose provocatively on a bed set up on the sidewalk at a busy Amarillo intersection on Monday in order to make the point that vegetarians are better lovers. While the steamy sirens are "getting it on," activists holding a banner reading, "Vegetarians Make Better Lovers," will pass out free copies of PETA's "Vegetarian Starter Kit" to let gaping onlookers know how they can spice up their own sex lives. It's all part of PETA's "Live Make-Out Tour" during the week leading up to Valentine's Day.

And what they don't say, but becomes clear in the linked video? They'll let the macho fellows who want to have their picture taken with these two "PETA beauties" just hop right down there to pose for a piece of the action.

When: Tuesday, February 10, 12 noon
Where: Corner of S.W. Sixth Avenue and S. Tyler Street, Amarillo

Why do vegetarians have it all over meat-eaters in the bedroom? For one thing, vegetarians are, on average, more fit and trim and have more energy and stamina than people who stuff themselves with fat-laden meat, dairy products, and eggs. And then there's a possibility of impotence: The cholesterol in meat and other animal products slows the flow of blood to all the body's vital organs, not just to the heart. And speaking of heart, there's nothing sexy about someone who turns a blind eye to the daily suffering of the billions of animals who are raised and killed for food each year.

"What could be more of a turn-on than snuggling up to someone who's both passionate and compassionate?" asks PETA veggie vixen Nadia Elmuanier.

For more information, please visit


Misogyny. It's everywhere, right, left, and center. We're all used to that. It's nothing new. But when something this exploitive, this ugly, comes from a supposedly progressive and humane organization? They reveal themselves as an organization completely consisting of nutbar bigoted zealots. No one there, apparently, male or female, actually had the courage or integrity to say, "hey...uh...wait a minute. Maybe this is an exploitive, misogynistic, and utterly icky idea."

Someone remind me why on earth anyone still takes these repulsive idiots at PETA seriously? Why we're supposed to think they have any moral or ethical high ground, or the integrity to speak to any subject?

But moreover, when someone pulls this sort of cheap, exploitive, degrading stunt? They deserve to be permanently written off completely from any list of sane progressive causes and resources. PETA deserves to be roundly jeered as the irrelevant, hateful bigots they've proven themselves to be.



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You and I are not always on the same page, but I am totally with you on this one. I am so sick of PETA in general. I fail to understand why it is necessary to have naked bodies to protest animal cruelty and further disagree with a majority of their actions. (If I am not wrong, I think you maybe wrote about the Pike Place Market and the fish throwing). Anyway, thanks for an interesting perspective. -Becky


I am a strong supporter of animal rights and I must admit that I have often wondered if PETA was not really a front for the meat industry to make those of us dedicated to the cause look ridiculous. 

The exploitation of women is a part of our culture in every aspect from the media to politics to women's rights and domestic violence and the fact that no one is standing up about any of it makes me rather angry and disappointed in the so called free world.  Are women really free as long as they are treated as talking blow up dolls?  And as long as a society allows can they ever call themselves civilized?

But what really gets to me is the low class bimbos that keep doing things like this, selling their souls for a quick buck.  Not to mention that there are serious animal rights issues out there, but nut jobs like this are taking away that voice.


And I'm actually a supporter of PETA. I do believe that they have accomplished some truly amazing things for animals over the years, and I still consider animal abuse serious business.

That said, this campaign is not serious business; it's simply seriously demeaning. Many of their campaigns have moved toward this and I don't approve of that one bit. Where PETA used to be known for shock tactics and "edgy" campaigns that sometimes served them and the cause well--and sometimes not!--nowadays most campaigns focus on nudity and glorified sex. Perhaps they think this will get them more followers, but overall I think it's really turning a lot of people, particularly women, away from the cause. It's really too important to be made into a joke--and that's what PETA seems to be doing lately.

Where are the hard, cutting in-your-face documentaries, interviews of witnesses, courageous activism? They're still there, somewhere, but they're buried under sexism and now this. Sigh. PETA needs to get back to its Greenpeace-esque roots.

Nikki, I love your comment about the meat industry behind it, that's too funny.

Have you guys seen this? 


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For some reason, I was still thinking about this article today and looked up the PETA web site, thought you would be absoutely horrified to see this link.

Also on their site: "You probably already know that peta2 loves animals. But did you know that we also love boobies? What's not to love, right? That's why Keep A Breast and peta2 have come together to bring you an awesome new tank top with a very important message: "Breasts, Not Animal Tests!"




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Not sure you know this or not, but the Senior VP of PETA, Dan Mathews, is gay. I don't think he believes it's anti queer or anti woman, but rather a "HA!-In-your-face-you-fat-uncaring-homophobic-republican-meat-eaters-who-can't get-it-up-@ssh*les" type of gesture. Most modern liberal gays, democrats, and lesbian women would find this amusing, not degrading. Being one of them myself, I do too. Also, if you want to talk about really extreme liberals, again, look no further than Dan Mathews himself. He's very left wing and always up for the, erm, underdog... :)


Given that NOW, and LA GLBT Center, and the UCLA Gay and Lesbian Student and Faculty organizations have all spoken out against PETA's advertising in terms of exploiting queer women, I am pretty sure you don't speak for all queer women, or even most, Ms. Anonymous. You certainly don't speak for this lesbian.

I don't see how any women, of any orientation, can look at two women kissing and caressing each other for the performance of onlookers and being compared to animals as "amusing." The guys in the audience certainly think it's a performance for their benefit.

Nor do I see what a gay male on PETA's staff has to do with it--is your argument that all queers are alike? That if a guy thinks exploiting women is ok, then by golly it must be ok? How very heteronormative of you!

Maybe it's just the anonymous lesbians who find it amusing, eh?


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Jesus Christ

What a whiney bitch.

Stop attempting to exploit women and sexuality because you disagree with a position other people take. These women want to be publicly entertaining, and that's all it is.

PETA sucks, sure. They're fucking insane human haters, but at least they know sexy marketing.